Censur på Google

Dear comrades at Google:

At some point, quite recently, our popular site “The People’s Cube” (ThePeoplesCube.com) was purged from Google search results. MSN , Yahoo and other search engines still have it – but Google has erased/blocked any link to the site in its database. One can still find links to us from other sites – but not even one from Google to ThePeoplesCube.com. We tried American, French, German, British, Australian, and Russian versions of Google – they used to give us traffic only a few days ago – but all we got was the same line in various languages: Sorry, no information is available for the URL thepeoplescube.com. And if we clicked on Find web pages from the site thepeoplescube.com we got Your search – site:thepeoplescube.com – did not match any documents.


(Resultatet fra Google.dk)

Hmm man tror det er løgn, men den (i visse kredse) meget populære PeoplesCube er blevet censureret væk fra google. Mon det er efter aftale med Kinas diktatorer, eller er det noget Larry Page and Sergey Brin selv har fundet på ?

ThePeoplesCube.com er nu selvfølgelig fast på skattetryk.dk’s link liste

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