Røde Kors hjælper hizbollah

Hezbollah has deep and widespread support among the Shiites of Lebanon’s south — a portrait of Hassan Nasrallah, the group’s leader, is hung in many homes. Evidence of that support was on full display at the river on Wednesday.

At least five Lebanese Red Cross workers in orange suits helped the fighters. They carried plastic bags of belongings, offered shoulders to lean on and spoke words of encouragement when the wounded men confronted the tree crossing. They looked for an easier way across, one of them even wading out into the water, but eventually settled on the tree.

The man on crutches hopped gracefully on his right leg in a white plastic sandal.

“Don’t worry,” one worker said. “No one is going to take pictures.”

He felt his way to the end of the tree, after stumbling slightly at the beginning.

“You can do it, you’re a tough guy,” said another worker, encouraging him.

The ambulance driver, Haidar Azzedine, said that the men had come from Jabal Amel Hospital in Tyre, a town six miles to the south, and that they were being moved to clear out bed space. Sami Yazbek, the head of the Red Cross in Tyre, said the men were fighters.

“There’s somebody who will get angry if you take pictures,” Mr. Azzedine said. “No pictures at all.”

Everyone, it seems, was pitching in to help. Later in the afternoon, municipal emergency workers from Tyre packed clear plastic bags of flat bread into the back of a van. The code of secrecy still applied.

“You take pictures of us and they’ll hit us,” said one worker, who gave only his Lebanese nickname, Abu Ahmed.

Then, in English: “I’m very, very sorry. Camera, dangerous.”

New York Times

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Røde Kors er nu part i sagen, og kan derfor ikke (og det gør de heller ikke) yde neutral bistand. Røde Kors har modtaget deres sidste bidrag fra mig. Se også lige Dansk Røde Kors hjemmeside..

Der er fyldt med hjælp til de nødstedte i Libanon, men ikke en lyd om de nødstedte i Israel. Røde Kors’ integritet er kompromitteret, og man kan ikke stole på dem længere. Jeg opfordrer danske politikere til at tage skattebidrag til Røde Kors op til fornyet overvejelse.