Fem minutter til midnat

Video fra Hotair. Hvornår vi får nogle rigtige TV nyheder på dansk ?

I have often wondered what it would have been like to live through the Thirties. How would I have reacted to the annual Nuremberg Party rallies, the rants against the Jews, and Hitler’s foreign adventures which the democracies did nothing to oppose, the occupation of the Rhineland and Austria, Nazi support for Franco in the Spanish civil war, and the rest of it. Appeasement was then considered wise, and has only become a dirty word with hindsight….

Now Iran is embarked on foreign adventures in Iraq and Syria and Lebanon. It is engaged on all-out armament programs, and is evidently hard at work developing the nuclear weapon that will give it a dimension of power that Hitler did not have…. Appeasement is again considered wise.

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Fra Hodjas gravemaskine

Er vi på vej mod den 3. verdenskrig ? Måske redder FN os allesammen ?

Fra Peoplescube

Er det mon klogt at stole på det ? Appeasement (eftergivenhed) ? Hmm.. Sov godt, allesammen.

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